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Make off with your heart!
kris | endy | quarter god with a theme making addiction who can't stop eating all the time

My brother just chose a character based on the fact she was a tsundere

I need new clothes… my trousers are falling down and my shirts are getting to small and the only things that seem to fit me are the sleepwear and my short skirts (Which used to be too tight) and I just want to get a new wardrobe and go outside looking cute. I’m in denial of myself right now

I’m really tempted to turn this blog’s URL to Etihw to re-live the satisfaction  of the old days…

Someone wanted to know what my new character was designed like (we were talking about minecraft, yeah i see no connection either) and I didn’t want to digitally draw it so i took pictures of already done pictures and I cant be asked to crop or rotate them so break a neck… or something…

I should probably be more active on this…

The Mekakucity Actors anime is quite like Bakemonogatari

I managed to finally scrounge my icons off my old PC and I feel so happy about ittttt

Artist: Nekagi

Track: Two Breaths Walking
Plays: 12

I absolutely hate my maths teacher

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